I can’t believe this! I’m 63 years old and since I was in grade school I have been in severe head pain. I can remember being scolded in school for putting my head down because it hurt so bad. I was taken from Dr. to Dr. over the years and being told a variety of things. In my 20’s I was told it was TMJ followed by 2 surgeries to break my lower jaw, having my mouth wired shut for 6 weeks each time. The pain got worse followed by thousands of dollars in oral appliances for day and/or night then always due to the instability of my jaw nothing helped and usually it made it worse. All this time drugs were being thrown at me, after 15-20 years drugs didn’t even offer any relief. All this time I pushed myself through graduate school, worked for some of the top energy companies but the pain was causing my life to deteriorate. I hurt 24/7 eventually causing me to become so irritable and lack of sleep with pain meds causing me to go onto disability. The last 10 years have been a test of my life, day by day pain, loosing my livelihood and becoming so emotionally and economically challenged there were days I thought of throwing in the towel. I decided to treat myself to a massage, I ran across an ad for Esoteric Massage. This was a special financial treat for myself so I researched the website, read the reviews and made an appointment. The rest is amazing, after seeing some of the top TMJ Dr.’s in 3 states I drove 5 miles down the street for an appointment. I have now had 4 amazing appointments conservatively speaking I am 95% pain free with my TMJ, head pain, neck pain and the brain fog has lifted not to mention the depression has lifted. I really cannot express the change I am feeling, it is amazing to me! If you think Danny Dore is an everyday massage therapist your wrong, while it is hard for me to explain but he takes the body to other levels to release the issues that cause pain. Don’t misunderstand Danny isn’t a snake salesmen he offers alternative therapy that he fully explains and it has worked for me. Anyone having unresolved pain and wants their life back I can’t say enough about Danny Dore’ and I recommend him, I bet you will be amazed! Best wishes.

Susan L.

Danny Dore is a phenomenal healer. He saved my life twice when traditional medicine had no answers. The first time was in 2000 after I tested positive for 50 food allergies and was absolutely miserable. He cured me, and I validated his work by taking another allergy test at my allergist’s office. I no longer had food allergies, according to the test. My allergist asked for Danny’s card, because he believes Danny could help some patients when conventional medicine failed them. The second time Danny saved my life occurred in 2017. I took over 4 months off of work when my back mysteriously went into spasms over the span of a weekend from the base of my skull to the tops of my thighs. Hydrocodone, muscle relaxers, anti-inflammatory medication, trigger point injections and nerve ablations did not take enough pain away for me to return to work. I was desperate and was at a point that I didn’t care whether I lived or died and was contemplating quitting my job and going on disability. It occurred to me out of the blue that Danny could help. Luckily, I easily found him on the internet, and I called him the next day. He invited me in for a two-hour appointment the next day. During the first session, I felt a welling up of a zest for life, for goals and for living. Happiness on the inside returned to me that day. I also received full relief in some areas of my back that day. After several treatments, I became pain-free. My pain management doctor is amazed by my recovery. Danny even discovered that my high, uneven arches in my feet were causing part of my issue and arranged for me to get orthotics. Something so simple was not even thought of by several doctors and physical therapists. I owe my life and my quality of life to Danny Dore two times over. Danny Dore works with energy fields, and part of his work requires discourse with a pendulum. I mention this, so you are not taken off guard with the process. I’ve even had electric shocks travel through my body and out the bottom of my feet when he’s working on me. Go with it. He knows what he is doing, and his expertise is in healing people who cannot find relief with traditional medicine. Whiplash Release in Houston

Pula B

Danny is absolutely amazing! I have been going to him for a few years now and he has changed my life. Not only do I physically feel better after leaving him but mentally he helps me handle stress better, concentrate etc. He has strong, firm hands, I prefer a deep tissue massage which he is excellent at. He has helped me overcome allergies I have had. He also does an incredible stomach massage which has helped me improve my digestion and lose belly weight. Danny has studied many different things, he has extensive knowledge of energetic medicine and is quite intuitive. I have referred many people I know to him. I look forward to every massage with him and I leave with a smile from ear to ear. Danny is an incredible human being!

Jenny V.

My name is Dino M. I want to first say that i have never met a more talented holistic physical therapist than Danny. I know that he has cured many physical ailments for myself, my girlfriend and many others. If my employees are injured or have a problem then I pay to have them see Danny.

Dino M.

This letter is written as a personal testimonial. I almost cannot remember how desperate I felt before Danny Dore worked on me. I have arthritis up and down my spine. I have minimal space remaining between my vertebrae, together with nerve irritation at L4. Surgery and spinal fusion were recommended only as a last resort. After working with Danny Dore, I put away my cane. I walk with ease. I feel blessed to be pointing my life in a different direction. All this although I continue to have the spinal structure describe above. I will continue to use Danny as needed. I recommend Danny as being a special if not unique healer.

Ron C.

I was given Danny Dore’ card by a co-worker but at the time I was under the care of several doctors from a car accident that totaled my car. So over a year went by. During that year, I got tired of feeling stupid without really releasing the painful headaches, back, & neck. I stoped the Meds and was told by the doctors only surgery might help. I went to a Chiropractor that helped some but not enough. So I finally saw the card and decided to call that very day. After my first appointment with Danny I was feeling better than I had for over 2 years since accident. My headache was gone for a few days, after several visits the headaches were completely gone. We are still working on the neck but it is so much better as are knee & lower back. Danny did more in that 1st visit than the doctors did in a year, and what the Chiropractor did either. I wish that co-worker whose now retired knew how much she helped me, but I should have gone that very week and saved myself sooner.

Lanier D.

I have benefitted from Mr. Dore’s skills for many years. He helped me after a couple of car wrecks left me with aches and pains in my back and neck. Now he keeps me from having a minor problem grow to become a major pain. I can highly recommend him to anyone with problems that are unresolved by medical therapy, are too minor for medical intervention, or just for a tune up to the usual aches and pains from the stress of life. He continually updates his varied skills with new courses and techniques beyond his existing vast array of techniques and a very effective massage skill. His walls are filled with diplomas from the techniques he has learned over the years. I think he doesn’t have enough wall space to put them all up. I have found that sometimes his new methods don’t produce the results he hopes for, but many times they are very effective. I consider that a sign of his dedication to continually expanding his knowledge and skill for his patients. That is a sign of a true professional and their dedication to their field. If your only interest is a simple massage, then tell him that before you begin. His instinctive drive is to help the whole person, not just massage a sore spot. Many times he has found and worked on a part of my back, foot or leg, when my symptoms were in another part of my body. I used to be surprised afterwards when my original complaint was gone, but now I’m used to letting him trace out the complex path that leads to my aches and work on the source area.

John H.

I have been Danny Doré’s client for many years. He is by far the best massage therapist that I have ever seen. He attends numerous classes to enhance his skills as well as to learn new techniques to benefit his clients. He is quite intuitive and always seems to know exactly where my system is out of balance without being told. He applies the appropriate technique and balance is once again achieved. Danny is much more than a massage therapist. He is a true healing professional.

Sally L.

My Path to Healing….. About 17 years ago, on a sunny summer afternoon, I was walking with my friend and telling how frustrated I was that for the last year my knee hurt constantly, impeding my walking. After various treatments, several doctors were not able to cure or even diagnose where the source of the pain was. My friend made me an appointment with Danny Dore, introducing him as a healer who combines alternative medicine technology with energy work. Needless to say, I rolled my eyes surreptitiously, but didn’t want to offend my friend and agreed to go. As I was walking past strange charts on the walls and unknown equipment in the office, I had less and less confidence that I will get any help in this place… Funny how hard it is to even consider believing in something that is unknown and difficult to explain. What happened next was nothing short of a miracle. It took Danny minutes to identify the cause of my pain (which, by the way at that time, I didn’t believe even could be the cause). Seeing how cynical I was about his alternative approach, Danny just smiled at me and said: “Give it a try, what do you have to lose – you have been hurt for a year.” I left the treatment session already feeling significantly better and after 2 weeks of following the treatment action plan – the pain WAS GONE! It has never came back since… I was shocked, surprised and very humbled by Danny’s methods and magic. Not only did I skip taking any medications, I also discovered an amazing world of alternative medicine. Danny has been my healer for almost 2 decades and the results have always been consistent: no matter what problem or pain I brought – it got better or healed completely. But beyond these wonderful outcomes, what I treasure and appreciate most is that Danny guides and teaches you how to help and heal yourself. He challenges the old thinking patterns and bends your mind to help uncover amazing healing powers of your own body. I am thankful and grateful for the opportunity to have Danny Dore as a healer! ~ Dina


Danny Dore’ helped me in ways no one has ever been able to in only 2 visits. I have very hard lumps of scar tissue from a surgery 14 years ago and he was able to smooth it out in 1 session. I also have always had issues sitting with my legs crossed. My knees never came close to touching the floor, however; after 1 session, they were 50% closer. Last but definitely not least; Lyme disease has put a lot of stress on my liver and after he “worked his magic” it has felt much better! He has many years of training and uses techniques that I’ve never experienced. (I’ve been going to chiropractors, massage etc. since I was 14) He takes his time, he is attentive and he truly cares. I highly recommend anyone experiencing issues that have not been alleviated or helped by other therapists to please schedule an appointment with Danny. He WILL make you feel better!!

T. W.

I went in with a couple of ribs out, had already seen a good chiropractor a few days prior with no resolve and was still in alot of pain 2 days later. In the first 10 minutes Danny had me being able to lift my arm up and take a full breath. He took 85% of the pain away and readjusted me at the end of the session. Have my next appointment in a week and plan on going on a regular basis. Have had a lot of massage therapy done in California, New York and now Houston since an accident 12 years ago. Danny was very professional and very knowledgeable about body mechanisms and energy systems of the body.

D. B.

Danny is an amazingly gifted massage therapist and healer. I have been going to see Danny off and on since 1992. I’m 53 years old and play competitive tennis 2-3 days a week, participate in numerous fun and charitable sport events, and hit the gym from time to time. I made the commitment in January to schedule weekly sessions with Danny. I feel better now than I did in my 30’s. He’s the real deal! Eddie

Eddie P.

An awesome session today! Danny relieved my neck pains and lower back discomforts, I had when i came in today. Danny Dore is no ordinary therapist, his sessions are a fusion of all his training he brings together to help heal his patients. He has done a wonderful job helping my youngest son with his allergies and provided a lot of relieve to my daughter when she hurt her back at school. I do highly recommend Danny. So, if you are READY to be help, see Danny. In fact, I have referred several business associates with major neck and back problems and they had nothing but great complements to say after seeing Danny. Keep up the great work, Danny.

J. M.

Danny Dore is an excellent holistic massage therapist. As a registered nurse I can appreciate his holistic view to health and wellness. I have utilized Danny for various muscle-skeletal discomforts and have had excellent results, and would highly recommend his services.

Marilyn T.

In May I fractured and tore all the ligaments in my ankle. After surgery and 3 months of physical therapy the surgeon and therapist told me they had done all they could do, but I was still left with swelling, numbness and pain. I went to see Danny and he used his Neurostim machine on me for an hour. The numbness is gone and the pain significantly dissipated. Danny has given me the hope I had lost. I still need a couple more sessions to complete the healing which I believe will allow me a full recovery. Thank you so much Danny

Carol B.